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Building America's Energy Future - A Portfolio of Promising Policies

The National Energy Policy Institute publishes the report of its new study:  Building America's Energy Future - A Portfolio of Promising Policies.  Note that Adobe Acrobat is necessary for viewing this report.  A printer-friendly version of the report is available here.

NEPI has crafted a report that quantifies an aggressive target by 2035 to reduce oil use and greenhouse gas emissions.  It shows how a set of five policies can achieve these goals at a surprisingly low cost and will enhance our national security, create a healthier environment, and take a significant step toward mitigating climate change.  The report highlights off-the-shelf technology and political practicality.

An Executive Summary of the report is available here; a printer-friendly version of the Executive Summary is available here.

In addition to the report, several supporting background papers and technical reports were commissioned by NEPI.  Those reports are available here:

Brown, Stephen P. A., and Ryan T. Kennelly (Center for Business and Economic Research, University of Nevada, Las Vegas) Consequences of U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil

Deal, Anna Lee What Set of Conditions Would Make the Business Case to Convert Heavy Trucks to Natural Gas - a Case Study

Foster, Mark A., A Review of the Impacts of an ALL CLEAN Clean Energy Standard for Selected Regions & States

Gillingham, Kenneth (Yale University) The Economics of Fuel Economy Standards versus Feebates

Rothwell, Geoffrey (Department of Economics, Stanford University) Small Modular Reactors: Costs, Waste and Safety Benefits

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