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Presented by  The National Energy Policy Institute and The University of Tulsa, the conference advanced the public discussion of key issues facing the electric power generation industry, including efforts to incorporate more alternative power sources into the generation mix.

For summaries of presentations and panel discussions, click on the topics below.

  • State Regulations - A Bridge or Barrier to Renewable Energy? Presented by Gary Allison, Vice-Dean, University of Tulsa College of Law
  • Supply:  The Shift to Alternative Fuels and Renewables – What’s In It for Me?
  • Demand: Conservation, Efficiency, Demand-Side Management – Will We Have to Pay More for Less Energy?
  • Electricity Markets:  Keynote presentation by Professor William W. Hogan, Research Director of the Harvard Electricity Policy Group
  • Regulation:  Regulatory Hurdles – A New Olympic Sport?
  • Transmission:  Energy Without Borders – Who Should Pay for It?

To view slide presentations, click on presenter’s name below

  • Supply – Liz Salerno (Director of Industry Data and Analysis, American Wind Energy Association), Bobby Wegener (Oklahoma Secretary of Energy)
  • Demand – Rich Sedano (Director, Regulatory Assistance Project), Dan Ellis (President, ClimateMaster)
  • Regulation – Jason Marks (Commissioner, New Mexico Public Regulation Commission), Rick Smead (Director, Navigant Consulting)
  • Transmission – Lisa Barton (Vice President, Transmission Strategy and Business Development, American Electric Power)

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